Sam Woo offers various cooking styles.

  • Cantonese Cuisine
    Most Westerners are familiar with this type of Chinese cooking. Originally, it came from the city of Canton (now Guangzhou). Today, you find its most dramatic expression in Hong Kong. The taste is light and not salty, using all fresh and natural ingredients.. This new Hong Kong style of eating is popular is all over East Asia. It is perfect for today’s health-conscious diners.
  • Stir-fry
    This is the classic Cantonese method of cooking. Heat a small amount of oil in a wok designed to focus the heat in the center of the pan. This allows for a short cooking time. This method grew out of a shortage of fuel. A quick burst of cooking uses less wood or coal. The Cantonese turned this necessity into an art. With such a short cooking time, the secret of success lies in preparing the ingredients. To cook them evenly, chop them to a uniform size. To do this, our Chinese chefs use heavy cleavers that look unwieldy. But they quickly slice scallions into tiny silken threads.
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We at Sam Woo Restaurants think only of your dining pleasure To that end, this menu offers a variety of creations from Hong Kong. We feature specialties from all over China. We also create fresh seafood dishes in our own kitchen. For you, we have created an exciting and affordable dining experience. You will agree: no one can match Sam Woo!


  • Steaming
    Steaming is also a poplar Cantonese method of cooking. It is especially good for fresh fish and seafood. We place a whole sea-bass filet into a bamboo steamer. Then we add oil with lightly cooked slivers of scallions and fresh ginger. Another Cantonese favorite is steamed scallops in black bean sauce. Our chefs excel in mixing contrasting flavors that show off the taste of each one. We pickle our vegetables with a mixture of salt, sugar and vinegar. Our sauce for sweet-and-sour pork brings out the best of fresh onions, green peppers, pineapple, and cherries.
  • Roasting
    Don’t forget Sam Woo’s famous Cantonese roast duck. This dish is truly delicious. We stuff the duck with scallions and bean paste. Then we glaze it with a honey-and-vinegar marinade. This gives it a sweet and sharp flavor. Finally, we serve it with orange and plum sauce. Yum! Take a roast duck home. You can use it to prepare a great meal in three minutes. You can eat roast duck cold, lukewarm, or hot. We cut it up and use it in stir-fry. You can also shred it to use as a garnish on noodles with parsley and green onions. Dice it and toss with green pepper, pickled scallions and fresh pineapple. Or, serve it as a summer dish garnished with lychees.

Prices subject to change without notice.
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